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To attract more people to our art, we came up with another way of experiencing art. The artfulstay is an art gallery where you can stay or a place to stay where you can enjoy art. Located on 2 of the best spots in Amsterdam, tastefully decorated, we offer you a pleasant artful stay in Amsterdam. Since we travel a lot ourselves, we think we know what it takes, to offer a nice place and good service.

The ARTFULSTAY APARTMENTS bring a few of our passions together: art, design & decoration and hospitality. We hope our guests feel the same. We offer art without obligation, without pressure. Take your time. Feel it. Taste it. You just don’t buy art in 5 minutes. To ‘live’ with the art for a little while, gives you a better feeling if you REALLY like the piece during the day, in the night and even the next morning… If you got inspired, we are happy to discuss artwork which is tailor-made for you.

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Artful Stay Amsterdam

ARTFULSTAY is a new concept where many of our passions come together: mix hospitality with interior design and art and you have an ‘artful stay’!

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Address: Tweede Helmersstraat 17-19
1054 CB Amsterdam

Email: send us an email!

Phone: T +31 620 01 71 20